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     Welcome to 'The Art of Fencing' website, a unique showcase of fine art representing fencing and fencers, including drawings of men's and women's foil, épée, and sabre action shots, as well as still portraits and commissions. Depicting the animation and beauty of fencing sport in paintings and drawings since 2007, 'The Art of Fencing' is an exclusive original in the realm of art depicting sport.


    Happy New Year all! What's new for 2014? Well, I hate to say it, but I have to close up shop for a little while, as I am travelling to India! I will be away from January 6th until February 18th, 2014. During that time, my Etsy shop will be on vacation, and while my website will still be fully functional, I will not be able to fill any orders for prints, or discuss requests or commissions for original artworks until I return. I will answer all inquiries on my return. My apologies for the inconvenience. However, the good news is that I will have some time for drawing new works during my trip, and I will be sharing awesome shots of fencing life in India (like the one below of my good friend Nandhu) -- so be sure to check my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook during my trip! All the best until I return!


    Hey guys! What's new for Fall 2013? How about "The Art of Fencing" on a t-shirt?!? Yes, that's right! Brought to you by clothing company Carlo Nicchia, the new "Art of Fencing" t-shirts are now available and can purchased directly from the Carlo Nicchia website. The t-shirt material is a cotton-spandex blend, comes in both men's and women's cuts/styles, and the color is charcoal grey, with artwork on the front (see pics below). Only $28, plus if you enter the code "Art" upon checkout, you will get a 5% discount off your total order.

    Carlo Nicchia specializes in casual and elegant sportswear representing alternative sports such as padel, racquetball, jai alai, and of course, fencing. Their style is pretty cool, and I'm so excited they wanted to collaborate with The Art of Fencing! You can purchase from their website, or like their Facebook page. More t-shirt designs to come!



    Also, in other news, check out three-time Olympian and three-time consecutive World Champion in Men's Foil Sergei Golubitsky with his new portrait, done by yours truly! The portrait is now hanging in the entrance to the Golubitsky Fencing Center (GFC), Sergei's international fencing club/training centre based in Orange County, CA. Thank you for the great photo Sergei, for promoting The Art of Fencing, plus I'm thrilled you love the art, it was great collaborating with you! :-D



    What's new for 2013: I've reorganized the "Prints For Sale" section of the website into the three different weapon categories of epee, foil and sabre--so now it's easier to find your favourite print! Plus I have added a "Search" tool on the website, which also makes it easier to find what you're looking for! I've also updated all my social network profiles--find me on Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, SkillPages and! (you can usually find me under "fencingartist"--soon I'll be everywhere! :-) As always, I am happy to take requests, commissions, or even suggestions on what to draw next! Wishing you all the best and happy fencing! 

    More artworks coming soon! If you'd like a commission or portrait done, for your home, office, fencing club, or as a gift, send me an email!

     Sascha Brock/fencingartist

    IMPORTANT: If you are ordering directly off the website here, and ordering outside North America, when filling out your order please include your phone number in the "Notes to Seller" note field, as I usually need a contact phone number for the customs shipping forms, in addition to the address. Thanks!


    Above: Portrait of Aldo Montano from the Catania 2011 Fencing World Championships after winning the gold medal bout in men's sabre :-) And Aldo Montano, thank you so much for your feedback/comment to me on this artwork when you saw it ("Thank you, it's really fantastic!"--Nov. 27, 2011). Keep up the awesome and inspiring fencing! :-)

    Many more works to come in 2014!

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